Hydrogen Online Conference

Hydrogen will be the energy carrier of the future. And that`s why thousands of executives, engineers, scientists and policy makers will attend the HOC, the largest online hydrogen conference in the world. 24 hours straight, 30+ great speakers, access from anywhere.

What is the Hydrogen Online Conference?
HOC will be the largest online hydrogen event in 2020.
Thousands of the world’s smartest hydrogen executives, experts, scientists and policy makers join Hydrogen Online Conference for one reason:

The Content.

Hydrogen Online Conference is 24 hours of  groundbreaking, up to date and inspiring content from experts and industry leaders. No boring PowerPoint presentations but only new and groundbreaking ideas. Everything you hear at HOC is about successful implementation of hydrogen technology, best in class real world projects and the most ambitious plans out there.

You´ll leave HOC with lots of knowledge, ideas and inspiration for your own company or institution.

Veranstalter Mission Hydrogen
Datum 08. Oktober 2020
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